Getting In Touch With Nature

"fishing birds" by Nelson Lourenço is licensed under CC BY
fishing birds” by Nelson Lourenço is licensed under CC BY

One of the most effective ways to live a more healthy life and cleanse your soul is to get outdoors and enjoy Mother Nature. There are a lot of effective way to do this for example hiking, bike riding, going to the beach or fishing and hunting if that is something you enjoy.
There is something about breathing the fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature that you cannot find anywhere else on this world. I was talking with a fellow healer recently and they were telling me a story about one of their clients that went on a duck hunting trip with a guide down in Texas and she was telling me how he explained all the health benefits of it. Keep in mind I’m personally not an advocate of hunting and don’t enjoy it but as someone that works with people from all walks of life you have to keep an open mind and take advice from all sources.
Her client describe the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks before sunrise as they were loading up the boat and the smell of the saltwater and sound of the ocean birds as the sun was coming up was so peaceful compared to working in a major city and dealing with traffic. The calming effect of the sunrise boat ride out to the duck blind with fellow duck hunting enthusiast the Rockport TX duck hunting guides and his golden retriever dog.
Once they got to the blind they sat in silence and listened to the fish jumping and sea grass blowing in the wind as they used their duck calls in hopes of attacking the ducks they were seeking. The sounds of the water going under the platform. He said they were able to get a few ducks and made the way back home but the healing experience didn’t end there. A large part of it was the bonding of cleaning and cooking and hanging out with what where once college and are now considered friends after a day longer experience with each other.
You see every person has their own version of what calms them down and centers there body and soul ultimately leading to a more healthy life. Don’t be quick to dismiss what others find calming and take the time to listen and investigate and research why that works for them and you will ultimately be able to help more people after all our ultimate goal is to lead a more healthy and active life and have a clear mind and soul.
If you gained anything from this story and you are able to use it in anyway and it leads to a new break through with you personally or one of your patients please let me know via email or leave a comment below. I love hearing stories from my reads as always and continue to look forward to hearing from my peers. Until next time everyone stay healthy and focused on leading a more centered life.