How to keep healthy Skin

Keeping Your Skin Healthy

Keeping your skin healthy-looking
Skin constitutes a large part of our body. The entire skeleton is covered by several layers of it. This skin is exposed to the ravages of daily life – dust, grime, sweat and much more. It needs regular cleaning and care. Just as we invest time and effort into preparing food that keeps us going for the rest of the day, we also need to formulate a skin care regime that we can stick to in the long run and make it a part of our daily life.
But it isn’t as easy as just slathering on any cream on the face and waiting to see a miracle overnight. A good skin is hereditary to some extent. Some of us are gifted with flawless and beautiful skin. Others need to spend some time to make it look beautiful. But we must be committed to skin care to achieve stellar results.
Each skin is different. Skin types include, oily, dry, normal to oily, combination and many others. Depending on which type your skin is, choose the cosmetics. Take note of the ingredients when buying cosmetics. While oily skin should avoid cream based products, dry skin should avoid alcohol. In our quest to get that perfect look, we are willing to try on a multitude of products that actually end up harming it. Avoid using just about anything without going into the details.

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The thumb rule to remember – when in doubt, go back to the basics. The very basic things that we should do and that which will bring us back on track are:
1. Wash your skin twice daily. When taking a bath, you are doing it already. After you return home from a trip outdoors, clean your skin again. Use a face wash or cleanser. Remove any makeup using remover or coconut oil-dipped cotton pad.
2. Cleanse-tone-moisturize. This is like daily bread for the skin. Make it an everyday ritual – once in the morning and again at night before going to bed. The results will be there for everyone to see.
3. Exfoliate every week. Once or twice a week, use either a natural scrub or one from the market to gently remove dead skin.
4. Use sunscreen. Avoid going out in the sun to the extent possible. When you have to, use sunscreen with an SPF of 35. Carry an umbrella and wear protective clothes.
5. Eat fresh and natural. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Include colorful fruits and veggies that are not just healthy, providing you with nutrition, but will also reflect on the skin, externally. Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day. Sufficient water in the system will remove toxins from the body naturally.
6. Avoid stress. If possible, don’t stress yourself over little things in life. Adopt a spiritual attitude towards life that will help you elevate your thoughts and reduce stress. De-stress using yoga, listen to music and surround yourself with friends who make you happy.
7. Exercise regularly. Walk, run, jog, at least for 30 mins each day for 5 days a week.

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