Exercises You Can Do in Your Room

Three Exercises You Can Do in Your Room

Finding time to workout is difficult. Everyone has their schedule that keeps them busy all day so even fitting in a simple workout is challenging for most people. If there are exercises that you can do quickly and most importantly, without having to go to the gym, it suddenly becomes easier to workout. Try out these three exercises in your room and see how much better you feel!

Kettle Bell

  1. Planks: Planking may seem like an easy exercise, but doing it for a minute or more really gets your body burning. There are multiple different ways that you can plank, but the two most common are the low and high plank. In a low plank, support your body with your forearms on the ground and your toes in the back. In a high plank, use your spread out hands to hold yourself up. In any kind of plank, make sure that your bottom is in line with your body and is not high up in the air as this will throw your spine out of line. Start planking with one minute or so and work your way up to five minutes. This simple exercise repeated each day will bring results.
  2. Kettlebell Swings: Kettlebells are nice weights to use because they have a handle that is easy to hold on to. Depending on the weight you are comfortable with, kettlebell swings can be effective with as little as ten pounds. For a kettlebell swing, you just need to grab the kettlebell with your two hands and hold it in front your legs. Then spread your legs about shoulder length apart and proceed to a squatting position while swinging the kettlebell behind your legs. When you start to bring the kettlebell forward, raise your legs back to your starting position. It is best to do sets of ten kettlebell swings with short breaks in between. Once you get more advanced, you can learn how to do one-armed kettlebell swings.
  3. Squats: Squatting is perhaps the greatest exercise to build your quadriceps, even without using your bodyweight. It is a very simple exercise, but form is critical. Start with your feet about shoulder length apart and squat down, making sure to keep your knees behind your toes. It is often easiest to get the hang of the form if you place a chair behind you and imagine that you are trying to sit in the chair. You can hold your hands out in front of you for balance or place your hands to your side.

These three exercises are easy, but very effective. You do not need a lot of space to complete them, so they are great options for workouts you can do in your room whether you are running short on time or just want to do something to make yourself feel better.

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