19 Exercises every 35 year old can do

 The 19 Exercise that everyone able to do, should do:

  1. Lat Pull-down Behind the Head

  2. Lat Pull-down in front of you

  3. Military Press

  4. Military Press Behind the Head

  5. Squat

  6. Row

  7. Upright Row

  8. Leg Press

  9. Dead Lift

  10. Romanian Deadlift

  11. Pullups

  12. Pushup

  13. Sitting Rows

  14. Cardio

  15. Treadmill

  16. Stair Stepper

  17. Smith Machine

  18. Elliptical

  19. Situps

With these 19 exercises, a workout plan can be formed, and you can start seeing daily improvements. A humungous factor of all of this is diet.

Working out is only 30% of the work, dieting covers the rest. If there is there one thing that leads to disappointment in the bodybuilding community, I would have to say the nutrition, or lack thereof.

If people were to put as much emphasis on their dieting as they do on workout plans (hint hint, can you see what my next post will be about) Then they could start seeing results!

It isn’t uncommon that I see people that I workout next to at the gym, in McDonalds. Here they are doing 10 sets of 150 on the bilateral raise and in they come ordering two bigmacs and a fry to go. Simply Inconceivable.

They simply lack the discipline to go out buy some chicken, grill it, and steam up some rice.

Here is a link to diet plans & how to schedule your own. You can do it all online at the comfort of your own home. I rkemember having to make my own, and that was a daunting task. Having nothing but the internet and a will to do it, I accomplished what my goals were set to.


My before and after

(These are half of the gains to be made for the season, now I am off to bulking.)

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, we will talk about supplements.

Supplements are a HUGE factor in the bodybuilding realm. Half of all bodybuilders take 3 of the 4 that I have displayed below.

(Sorry the image will not upload, so we will have to continue this rant onto another page)

Now, I often here people say “I NEVER want to look like that” and to that I simply respond, don’t worry, you never will.

I hope you enjoy these exercises and start seeing results within the next 30 days!

Go out there and get your workouts and diet right!!

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